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Mississippi Gathering

    This year our lodge will host the annual Mississippi Gathering of lodges at Camp Yocona on September 19-21! This event will be full of fun, fellowship, and plenty of food. Saturday will be a loge vs. lodge QUEST competition. Saturday night will be our campfire show. Sunday morning will be the Founder's day games consisting of plenty of games and a powwow!

      Chicksa lodge members will be able to arrive at camp on Friday night so we will be able to have time to set up various parts of the event so everything will be ready during general check-in on Saturday morning. 




NOAC 2015

The next National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be held at Michigan State University in August 2015. Registration for NOAC will begin at the Second Post Camp Ordeal


NOAC 2015



2014 Lodge Officers
Lodge Chief- Drew Mulkey
Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration- Zach Fauver
Lodge Vice-Chief of Programs- Daniel Wiseman
Lodge Vice-Chief of Finance- Zach Callicutt
Lodge Vice-Chief of Communications- Andy Clausel








        1. Memorize the obligation, admonition, song, and handshake of the Order of the Arrow.

        2. Advance in your understanding of the Ordeal.

        3. Serve your unit for at least 10 months.

        4. Write a letter to your lodge secretary explaining what the ordeal means to you, describe what the obligation means, and describe your plan for furthering your service to your lodge.

         After meeting all of the requirments for brotherhood come to an Ordeal and we will have a brotherhood ceremony for all that are eligible.

Ceremony Team

       Anyone interested in joining our lodge Ceremony Team should contact . There are some requirements for anyone wishing to be on the ceremony team: you must be at regular practices with the rest of the team and attempt to memorize there part and compete at conclave.


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